My Journey Starts Here!

Happy Software makes all of its stakeholders happy 🙂

It makes the Original Developer happy, as he is equipped with the tools that make him possible to design and develop flexible software.

It makes the System Analyst happy, as the software designed not only fulfill the current requirements and but future requirements as well.

It makes the Project Manager happy, as the software developed are easily configured and customized to fit the dynamic requirements of the End Users.

It makes the Maintenance developer happy, as the software designed for customization, properly documented, adhere to simple rules and standards.

It makes the IT supporter happy, as it is stable, upgradable, scalable as the company grows.

It makes the End Users happy, as not only it supports the company’s requirements, but also easy to use. It also increase productivity per department level, team level and individual level.

It makes the Management happy, as it enforce company’s policy and rules, adaptable to the changing needs and provide insightful information.

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